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The oldest opera house in the world

A story, that of San Carlo, which can be afforded by a team of directors, set designers, costume designers such as Frigerio and Squarciapino, Ljubimov and Borowski, Ronconi and Palli, Costa Gravas and Aulenti, Martone, Vick and Herzog, Brockhaus, De Simone, Job and Wertmuller, Faggioni, Pizzi, Zeffirelli, Ferretti, Pescucci and Tosi . The unforgettable Visconti, Rossellini, Monicelli, Bolognini, Daminai, Ponnelle, Luzzati, Svoboda, De Filippo and Carmelo Bene .

And "our" Nicoletti and Carosi, Rubertelli and Giustino . Mother house for legendary artists but also a secular temple for great political and cultural events, the San Carlo hosted the creations of undisputed protagonists of the style, couturiers who followed the path opened by Coco Chanel in France and brought us the precious hands of Roberto Capucci and Emanuel Ungaro .

Next to Piazza del Plebiscito, symbol of the city of Naples, stands the Italian lyric temple, with a date of birth that anticipates the Scala in Milan by 41 years and the Fenice in Venice by 55.

Do you want to know if any sparks burn in you? Run, fly to Naples to listen to the masterpieces of Leo, Durante, Jommelli, Pergolesi ”. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Dictionnaire de Musique).

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